Introduction and Table of Contents

Morganna is the story of a girl who has lived her entire life so far believing she has one purpose: to lead the Dark against the Light in a never-ending, ever-repeating magical battle, and then die. But when the battle arrives and things start going wrong, Morganna is faced with the first choice in her life – to give up and leave, or to stay and fight, even though nothing is as it should be anymore, the Dark has left her, and the Light is on the edge of reducing the tiny town of Avalon to ash by trying to save it.


This is a slightly out-of-date version. Some edits are being made but the story is mainly the same.


READ ME!: Chapters are numbered in reverse order, so start with the biggest number and go down!


PART ONE: The Heart of Stone


Chapter Thirty-eight: The End

Chapter Thirty-seven: Beginning the Breaking

Chapter Thirty-six: White Rabbit

Chapter Thirty-five: The Awakening

Chapter Thirty-four: The Stillness

Chapter Thirty-three: Innovation

Chapter Thirty-two: Malachi

Chapter Thirty-one: Second Casualty

Chapter Thirty: Chosen One

Chapter Twenty-nine: Midnight Spaghetti

Chapter Twenty-eight: Set in Darkness


PART TWO: The Tree of Life


Chapter Twenty-seven

Chapter Twenty-six: On the Sands of Time

Chapter Twenty-five: Moths

Chapter Twenty-four: The Final Night

Chapter Twenty-three: Morganna’s House

Chapter Twenty-two: The Valley

Chapter Twenty-one

Chapter Twenty: The Burning Light

Chapter Nineteen: Worldbreaker

Chapter Eighteen: The Cavern in the Woods

Chapter Seventeen: The Dying of the Light

Chapter Sixteen: Rise in Perfect Light


PART THREE: The Rose of Jericho


Chapter Fifteen: Brothers

Chapter Fourteen: Eyes in the Dark

Chapter Thirteen: Down

Chapter Twelve: Meztli and the Dragon

Chapter Eleven: Torn

Chapter Ten

Chapter Nine: To Choose

Chapter Eight: The Dark

Chapter Seven: Loved the Stars too Fondly

Chapter Six: The Gathering Storm

Chapter Five: Fearful of the Night

Chapter Four: On the Hill

Chapter Three: Scratch-scritch-scritch

Chapter Two: Cloudbreak

Chapter One: Day One


Chapter Two: Cloudbreak

As the light burst over town it brought a howling wind so powerful that Jordyn thought the door would blow off its hinges, the glass would shatter inward, and the entire house would collapse in on itself like a cardboard model. She couldn’t even hear the screaming of the townspeople over the roaring, and she had no idea how long it lasted. It could’ve been minutes. It could’ve been hours.

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